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Corporate videos are key to growing your business. These are exciting times for large and small companies. Thanks to the Internet, product marketing is now easier, less expensive and most importantly able to reach more potential customers than ever before. Having corporate videos produced by Digital HD Productions on the Web showcasing your products and services will create excitement and interest in your company.



With the Web, the entire world is peering into your shop window, hotel lobby or factory door and high-quality corporate videos can set your company apart from the rest. 



Expensive TV, radio and print advertising campaigns are no longer the only options. Because the Web is tailor-made for moving images your site should  include video content that will attract, educate and motivate people to buy your product or service over the competition. The message needs to be visually-compelling, creatively-produced and credible, that’s where Digital HD Productions of Victoria BC comes in. 



 The staff at Digital HD Productions has 40 years of combined award-winning experience shooting, writing and editing videos.



We’re sticklers for detail, we think outside-the-box and are driven to deliver a product that will satisfy even the most discriminating client.



Here’s a sampling of some of our recent corporate videos.


Titan Boats Sidney BC



Titan Boats Raptor overview feature


The Digital HD Productions crew travelled out of the country to capture the Raptor special-operations boat in action. Our client is thrilled with the two videos, the trailer and the main feature. Digital HD Pro brought their Raptor logo to life with motion graphics.



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Titan Boats Raptor trailer


The Raptor trailer has a special feel. Punchy and fast-paced, it leaves you wanting to see much more of this amazing no-nonsense special OPs police/military RHIB.



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These are amazing boats and we wanted to show them at full-speed. To get smooth video at 45 knots (83 km) our commercial production department fabricators had to build a special rig to keep the camera steady. It worked very well! The high-speed shots would not have been easy to watch without that custom camera platform. Our motion graphics expert created some nice effects at the beginning, middle and end of the film. The client was very pleased with the results.
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Here’s a movie-style “Trailer” for Titan Boats.




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This short corporate video puts the spotlight on the Titan 290 Pilot. It includes some footage not found in the “290 Pilot” section of the longer corporate profile video at the top of this page.



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Shades of White Bridal Fashions Victoria, BC



This dramatic short film was produced for a wedding boutique in Victoria. The creative team at Digital HD Productions came up with the concept and the client was very impressed with the final product.


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